In the fields of La Vallée des Rosiers we have created a young orchard with more than 80 fruit trees.
We expect to to start producing fruit in 2018 and will be planting other varieties in the spring.
Come harvest your fruit this Fall!


A heritage apple producing a very tasty red striated green fruit. The flesh is cream colored, with green currents. Good for the table and cooking. Harvest tine is mid-August.

Also a heritage apple with bright red fruits. The flesh has red veins. It has a slightly tangy taste. Harvest time is early September.

Is an apple tree, which produces an abundance of clear yellow fruit with a juicy white flesh? It has a slightly tangy taste. Harvest time is early August. Recommended for immediate consumption or cooking.

An apple tree sporting a colourful fruit with a mottled red on yellow background. The flesh is creamy, juicy, and is exceptionally crisp and sweet. Excellent for canning. Harvest time is late September.

An apple tree producing a dark red coloured fruit. The flesh is crunchy and has an excellent flavour. Good for canning. Harvest time is in early October.

This tree produces a yellow and red fruit. Excellent for making jelly and crab apples in syrup. Harvest time is in mid-September.


A heritage dwarf shrub producing dark red cherries of about 2 cm in diameter. It has an easy to remove core and is a very sweet and juicy fruit. Harvest time is late August.

A very productive shrub with an almost black dark red sweet fruit. It is very flavourful and excellent for drinking as juice or in alcoholic beverages. Harvest time is late August.


It is a big green fruit that turns golden yellow when ripe. Bartletts are sweet and good for eating right off the tree! They are also excellent for canning. Harvest time is mid-September.

A beautiful fruit native to Quebec; it’s sweet and juicy and has greenish yellow fruit. Harvest time is in September.

A heritage pear producing a large greenish-yellow fruit. It is very good, juicy and sweet. Harvest time is early September.