What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is an activity similar to a treasure hunt, is done outdoors and requires a GPS.
There are many versions of geocashing and we will use the version called multi-caches, where the first cache contains the coordinate to the next cache. Also, we took the concept of EarthCache and used a type of cache where the geocasher learns something unique on different aspects of the planet.

Geocaching activity on the Escapade Eskimo domain (Autumn season only)

Come and take a breath of fresh air on our magnificent trails while having fun! In autumn you will be amazed by the splendid colours of the leaves. In winter, you will have a chance to see animal tracks! The challenge is to find six different hidden boxes in the forest using a GPS. In each box you will find the GPS coordinate for the next point and a questionnaire on the trees in Quebec. For this activity, we can accept a group of twelve persons. No experience is required since we will provide training on how to use GPS. The trail used for this activity will vary between 2 to 3 km and the level of difficulty will vary from easy to medium.

This activity includes:

  • Visit to the kennel
  • Snowshoeing (in winter)
  • GPS
  • Training on how to use a GPS
  • Snack

Total time: 3 hours
Price: $30 / adult and $15 / children under 13 years old. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Come and compare your abilities to other groups that had a chance to try this activity.
Top 10

  • 90 % PEEPER Team (Jardin éducatif du Pontiac)
  • 86 % Kakashi Team
  • 86 % Tim Wood Runners Team
  • 84 % Valérie Gagné Team
  • 82 % Véro et Guillaume Dorion Team
  • 79 % Sonia Lapointe Team
  • 79 % Tahitian Team
  • 78 % Les barbares Hurlants Teams
  • 75 % Andrea Wippel Team
  • 74 % Huski Team